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Forcing Glorious Blooms for the Holidays and Beyond!

(5 customer reviews)


Learn to Force Beautiful Paperwhites & Amaryllis
with Val Schirmer

Would you like to learn how to grow indoor blooming bulbs this winter? Enjoy these gardens during the long cold days of winter and even give them as gifts. Val Schirmer takes the mysteries out of selecting, growing, and enjoying indoor blooming holiday bulbs. Gorgeous winter blooms have never been so easy to grow!

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Forcing Glorious Blooms for the Holidays and Beyond!

Meet Val Schirmer

A little Kentucky bourbon is most likely the force behind every great big, totally far-fetched idea. That’s what happened in 1997 when Val Schirmer made a pact with a family friend and newly retired firefighter Charlie Hendricks to start a tiny business growing flowers. But not just any flowers. The pair had the crazy notion they wanted to grow the kind of flowers that could literally stop people in their tracks.

Over a few bourbon-infused toasts that summer evening on the Schirmer’s country porch (just down the road in Clark County) Three Toads Farm — which Martha Stewart Weddings calls one of the top 10 farmer-florists in the country — was born and the pair learned through trial and error over the next several years to grow the biggest, boldest Oriental lilies that most people have ever seen. And that’s the basis for everything the farm does: big, bold, using the largest bulbs commercially available. That applies to the holiday and spring bulbs they force, along with dahlias, peonies, and more.

Today Three Toads Farm is part of the local flower renaissance taking place around the world, growing uncommon and heirloom flowers and creating exquisite fresh-from-the-garden floral design for a handful of select weddings and events, thanks to Hendricks’ daughter, Elizabeth Hendricks, who interned as a Toad when she was 11.  After 5 years as SE regional director, Val is now serving as the president of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.


What Students Are Saying About This Course!

5 reviews for Forcing Glorious Blooms for the Holidays and Beyond!

  1. Lori Wellmon

    This course is informative and inspiring! The first time I watched it in full and found Val engaging. The second time I watched, I took notes. I felt prepared to order the right bulbs to create unique and beautiful containers and bulb gardens. I watched the course several more times through the year tabbing to the sessions I needed to see. I love this feature. Christmas is here and the bulb gardens have been a hit with my Subscription Holders and at the local Christmas Market. Thank you Val and Lisa for providing “Forcing Glorious Blooms for the Holidays and Beyond”.

  2. Sheri Hovey

    This course was everything that I had anticipated! I am such a rule follower and her instruction and tips were spot on and helped me to create beautiful Amaryllis forcing kits as gifts. Although, I didn’t sell a ton this year, I already have a pre-order for next holiday season! This has been a great and very easy way to extend my flower revenue into the off season!

  3. Lisa Feck

    When Lisa Ziegler talks about the snow being an insulator, it jolts my memory. I have observed this in my garden many years ago. I was amazed as I worried, as I watched the snow, even a very bad Christmas ice storm cover and coat every blade of grass, every tiny branch of our trees, obviously all of my plants in the garden, when I lived in Ky, many years ago. I watched, worried, and continued to watch and worry when everything thawed. The result was absolutely mind blowing. Everything was fine. I had the opportunity to learn about the snow being an insulator, and ice not being the demise of all of my plants. I have to say that is as far as my awareness of the benefit of the snow, but hearing L.Z. now, brings it all back to mind, with much more clarity. So much information was missing, now I have the information I need to move forward with confidence. L.Z. is not speaking some alien language, like she said our great great great grands knew all this. The plants I was able to observe were Foxglove, snapdragon, probably a couple more, the rest of my garden was full of perennials. Just to add a little note- in Ky it does not always freeze the ground, but it did a few times in the 30 years I lived there, the ground freezing the depth of the root zone of my snaps and foxglove, they did not die, seems like the freeze stayed for more than a week, happened more than 1 time. Thank you Gardener’s Workshop for so much incredible insight into extending the seasons for our gardens, and hopefully flower farms. I hope to move forward with my socks pulled up, game face on, even if I am a little afraid.

  4. Melissa (store manager)


    Fabulous class!! Val did an excellent job at explaining the details of forcing bulbs. More than that she inspired us to do it for our business. As a first year flower farmer this is such great information to have. Thank you TGW for providing such a standard of excellence in your educational classes.

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