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Glove, Nitrile Touch

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Nitrile Touch Glove

One of our best sellers is back! We wear these gloves on our farm and don’t go outdoors without them. The feel, durability, and longevity make them our all-time favorite.

The gloves highly sensitive touch makes them useful for many tasks and we even wear them to sow seeds. Uses our customers have shared: warehouse jobs, brickmasons, milking cows, housekeeping, golfing, woodworking, quilting, and others!

Most people wear a size smaller than they normally do in other gloves. They should fit like a "second skin". Washable.

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Nylon knit
  • Nitrile coating to protect the palm and fingertips

27 reviews for Glove, Nitrile Touch

  1. Norma W. (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    Love these garden gloves! I have small hands and the fingers on most gloves are always too long. I have used a pair of these for a year and they are still in good condition.

  2. Pam Taylor (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Love my gloves! They Fit like skin. I usually wear holes quickly in the top index and middle fingers of other gloves. But these gloves have no signs of wear and tear after months of digging in beds!

  3. Jonathan Leiss

    I can’t believe it’s taken me six years of farming to find a glove that can stand up to the job, but this glove can! Previously, my least favorite flower to harvest was Verbena, because its sharp stems sliced through any glove and then into my hand. These gloves are tough. They are unscathed by the verbena, and thankfully so are my hands. Halleluja!

  4. Aviva Rosenberg

    These gloves are great! I have petite hands and the smalls are perfect. I worked for 4 hours in these cleaning out a garden bed and my hands are clean after a quick scrub and no blisters or sore points like I would get with work gloves or other garden gloves.

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