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Bio360 Biodegradable Mulch

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Prevents weeds, encourages rapid root growth, and reduces exposure to soil borne plant diseases.

Bio360 Biodegradable Mulch – 50' - 1 Pack
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Bio360 Biodegradable Mulch – 50' - 6 Pack
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Bio360 Biodegradable Mulch – 100' - 1 Pack
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Bio360 Biodegradable Mulch – 100' - 3 Pack
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Bio360 Biodegradable Mulch Film - Light on Black - 48"x 50' or 48"x 100'

Biodegradable film prevents weed seeds from sprouting, increases soil temperature, and encourages rapid plant root growth. The Bio360 mulch film is made of Mater-Bi, a vegetable starch-based raw material that is compostable. Film can be turned into the soil at the end of the growing season, or left on the surface to break down. For aesthetics in a landscape, mulch can be placed on top of the film. We have successfully used this mulch film on our flower farm for over 10 years.

To prevent overheating seedlings on planting day, when temperatures are:
Above 80° F, install the film with the light side up.

Below 80° F, install the film with the dark side up.
Once plants are growing and shading the film, the temperature is not a concern.


1) Garden beds should be smooth/flat on top for best application. Irrigation would be installed underneath the film.
2) Lay the film on the prepared bed and hold it in place at each corner temporarily with a weight (sandbag, smooth rock, etc.).
3) Working on the right side of the bed for right-handed folks and the left side for lefties is easiest. Move backward as you work.
4) Get on the ground with a hand hoe, hold the film on the ground with a few inches exceeding the side of the bed, and scrape soil over the edge.
5) Complete one side and then do the other side. Pull the film snugly but not overly tight. It will tighten some over the first few days from the sun.
6) Finish off the ends the same way, allowing for irrigation to stick out for necessary connections.
7) Scraping the soil along the edge seals it to prevent wind from getting underneath and pulling it off.
8) We then cover our pathways with mulch (leaves, wood chips, etc.), leaving no bare soil in the garden.

- Film has a light and a black side.
- Bio360 is 100% made with Novamont Mater-Bi certified compostable and soil biodegradable resins.

- Leaves no chemical residues in the soil once it degrades.
- Mater-Bi is certified to the highest international compostable and soil biodegradable standards. Bio360 is also certified to these standards.

View our how-to video over on Youtube.

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50' – 1 Pack, 50' – 6 Pack, 100' – 1 Pack, 100' – 3 Pack

15 reviews for Bio360 Biodegradable Mulch

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    Just received!

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    So happy to have this and I learned how to put it down by hand from Lisas MUST HAVE books!

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