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Basil, Lemon and Cinnamon Bouquet Mix

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Basil, Lemon and Cinnamon Bouquet Mix – 50 Seeds

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Basil, Lemon and Cinnamon Bouquet Mix – 200 Seeds

In stock

Basil, Lemon and Cinnamon Mix, Ocimum basilicum - 50 or 200 seeds avg

Basil holds up as a cut flower filler and adds the perfect touch to late summer and fall bouquets. A striking touch in landscapes, kitchen gardens, cutting gardens and containers that will produce all season when harvested weekly.

Planting Tips:
    • Sun to part sun.
    • 24"H
    • Summer annual
    • Plant seeds directly in the garden or start indoors for an earlier start.
    • Plant after last danger of frost has past and the soil has begun to warm, typically a couple weeks past last frost date.
    • Cover seed lightly.
    • 5-10 days to germinate
Harvesting Tips:
  • Harvest for bouquets as the flower heads begin to develop.
  • Harvest stems at the base of the stem for a whole season of re-growth.
  • This will produce multiple new sprouts from the base of the plant that will produce more strong stems for fresh weekly harvests.
  • Remember that herbs need to be harvested on a regular basis to keep the plant fresh and growing.
  • Treat basil stems harvested for bouquets as cut flowers and plunge into clean water with flower food added for maximum vase life.
  • Basil stems do not like refrigeration.

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31 reviews for Basil, Lemon and Cinnamon Bouquet Mix

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