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Japanese Hand Hoe

(29 customer reviews)


Our favorite hand tool!

Available in right and left-hand models.

Japanese Hand Hoe – Right Hand

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Japanese Hand Hoe – Left Hand

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Japanese Hand Hoe

The Japanese Hand Hoe has become our favorite hand tools. The combination of the angle of the blade and the sharp edge helps to make quick work of most weeding tasks.

  • Overall 13"
  • Blade is 5"
  • Blade is forged of high carbon steel
  • Maintains a sharp edge

It takes out carpets of weeds in one swipe! We use it most often in newly planted beds that have not been mulched yet. They quickly get covered with little weeds and this tool allows us to get right next to our seedlings and swipe away the unwanted weeds.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
- Hand


29 reviews for Japanese Hand Hoe

  1. Paula Buhrmann

    What a handy little tool this is. I haven’t had as much of an opportunity to use it because I ordered it after I had planted and mulched my main flower bed, but have used it a bit and can’t wait to use it to help thinning seedlings for the cool weather crop this spring.

  2. Fran Kubick (verified owner)

    This is the best garden tool I ever had! I love your garden hoe too but sometimes you want to get down and close up. Worth every penny!

  3. John Moore (verified owner)

    Well I have to say this is one product that lives up to it’s description. Both the Wife and I have used this in our flower gardens and it made to work easy. Much easier to use than a regular hand hoe. I all wish for now is that sometime they come out with a longer handled version of this hoe.

  4. Beth (verified owner)

    This tool is great for everything you could possibly do in the garden. It’s wonderful at loosening the soil for hand weeding, and I even use it for digging holes for bulbs and little plants. Love this tool!

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