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The Most Important Farming Tool: Your Mind

by | Nov 21, 2022

At the end of each season on our farm, I realize that the most important tool isn’t my latest gadget or the new deer fence we installed this summer. Nor is it our new tiller attachment. It’s not even our tractor or bed maker, which I’m still learning to master three years into farming. 

The most important tool I’ll ever have as a flower farmer is my mind.

In her books, podcasts, and her blog posts, Lisa has stated this fact countless times: to be successful in any endeavor you must always be learning. Like the old adage says, “Take care of your tools so they can take care of you.”

Farming and gardening are about always being at a crossroads in solving problems and decision-making. As we move out of the growing season into the winter months, now is the time to sharpen the tool that is your mind. 

TGW has created online education courses to take care of you, giving you the knowledge to build skills to become a successful gardener and farmer. In addition to online schools, TGW also offers on-demand workshops. Once purchased you have lifetime access.  

Check out Seed Talk, Lisa’s outstanding new podcast series with Layne Angelo, TGW Seed manager. Lisa and Layne tackle a broad range of customer questions about seed starting – everything from direct seeding right through to seeding the trickiest of varieties, and everything in between that you need to learn to succeed at growing cut flowers from seed. 

We all know about Cool Flowers, the book that put Lisa on the map as a trailblazing garden writer and local flower grower, but check out the on-demand workshop, Cool Flowers: Beyond the Book for Flower Farmers, to expand your knowledge and Cool Flowers offerings. Each book purchase also comes with a virtual book study video available as an instant download. 

Lisa’s book Vegetables Love Flowers is all about growing a three-season cutting garden. It is filled with details and how-to’s that will help you build the skills needed to grow both cool-season hardy annuals and warm-season tender annuals from seed to bloom. 

As Albert Einstein once said, “We can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them.” This season, sharpen the tool that is your mind. 

Let the learning season begin. 

About The Author: Anne Gettys Morgan is our Customer Service Coordinator at The Gardener’s Workshop and the head grower at Franklin Flower Farm in Macon County, NC. Anne can be reached at [email protected]