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#298: Why Grow Annuals?

by | Jul 9, 2024

Why Grow Annuals?

I stumbled into growing annuals. I initially began planting perennials but I quickly saw the errors of my way– I was going to run out of space, QUICK!

As my business was gaining more demand than flowers I had– I became a little crazy figuring out how to make the most of my total property of 1.17 acres that also had my home and outbuildings.

I already had a nice stand of hydrangeas in our landscape and thought– bingo, use it all. But then I needed a consistent supply– I didn’t see it yet but annual plants were knocking down my door.

Then I got it! To maximize my space and to have a consistent supply I needed annuals.

What I discovered along that journey is that annuals are the perfect fit for the small-space flower farmer.

It’s the recommended way all farmers get started to learn how to farm, maintain, seed start, harvest, and find customers:

  1. Low investment,
  2. Max production small space,
  3. Constant ability to change up-colors & varieties,
  4. The annual system has been so misrepresented

A little-known reality of the “Annual Farmer” is that this style of farming can become an asset to your home. I could literally stop farming any day, plant trees or grass, and call it a life well lived.


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