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Tips for a Garden Wedding

by | Apr 23, 2011

More and more brides are looking to hold their wedding in a garden. Once a bride decides that the romance and beauty of a garden wedding outweighs the unpredictability of an outdoor event, the sky is the limit.

The beauty of a garden in full bloom is every brides dream. Because Mother Nature controls all of this, garden wedding brides must be flexible. If you find a location that seems perfect because of the bones of the garden- not one specific flower or tree in bloom, chances are good your wedding will be gorgeous.

Below are some tips that may give some ideas for a garden wedding.

  • Consider family members homes and gardens as your first option. Having the most meaningful event of your life at a family members beloved garden is so romantic that it will be spectacular in meaning alone.
  • When considering a garden location, keep in mind more than the beauty: where is everyone going to park, what is the restroom situation, if it rains for a day before the service is this a soggy location?
  • Is there a large enough flat area to hold the garden wedding? Are you going to have everyone seated or will they stand?
  • As much as you don’t want to consider it–your guest walking safety should be well thought out at this point. Aunt Judy tripping on a stepping stone and having to call an ambulance is not romantic at all.
  • A public garden is also an excellent idea and they are usually more equipped to handle an event then a private residence. Botanical gardens are an excellent choice.
  • Botanical gardens have most of the bases covered; parking, reception areas, public restrooms. And a never ending supply of gardens to chose from. They also typically have an alternative indoor location in the event of bad weather.

A garden wedding is magical and worth the added planning. Having an experienced event planner or other that has done an outdoor event is the best insurance policy of a smooth garden wedding.
Best Wishes!
Lisa Ziegler
The Gardener’s Workshop