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Becoming a Flower Farmer, the rest of the story…

by | May 24, 2020

I wrote a blog a while ago about my innocent ambitions of becoming a flower farmer. As I reviewed it, I realized my story hasn’t ended and in fact I am beaming with excitement about the late summer and fall this year!

Having come out on the other side of high production flower farming has not just opened up garden space, but endless possibilities for my little urban flower farm. All the years of growing mostly annuals that generated the highest $$$ per square foot worked and has rewarded my business plan but, I’m ready for a little change up.

I’m feeling like I have enough peonies in my garden— but keeping my mind open to new varieties to try!

Now, in place of growing crops like over 30,000 sunflowers annually in our mix (now only growing 13,000 ????), I have space to bring back perennials, bulbs, and woodies to create more beauty and diversity for our flower customers and to respark my own interest.

To do this, I’ll be partaking in Dave Dowling’s Advanced Flower Farming School Online running later this summer as a special edition. While I have reviewed the course in the past, I’ll be going through the course as a student with new eyes this summer as I’m looking to place orders and expand my own permanent plantings this fall. I am so stoked to do this!!!

Want to do this together? I know it’s going to be hard to juggle farming and learning, but I think I have figured out how to do it. I’m going to binge watch the weekly class on Sunday afternoons when I normally watch a movie. The thoughts of knowing what to order and how-to grow it has me pretty pumped for fall planting this year and far more useful than watching a movie!! I’ll review the course again this winter for the ‘rest of the story details.’ It’s learning what I want to grow, buy and plant this fall that is top priority.

I know that squeezing in this course to get a good start this fall is just the beginning. I’ll be able to rewatch the course anytime and can’t wait to plan for even more for the coming seasons.

Expanding and reinventing myself is what I believe feeds my ongoing interested in my business and grows it. No matter how tiny or big your business is— once you stop learning and seeking inspiration, your done. Step out of your comfort zone to build your dream—-I am!

Read my July 2018 blog Becoming  a Flower Farmer here.

I hope to see you in class (literally)!!!


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