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Bluebirds, Robins and Frogs!

by | May 19, 2008

Those that get my newsletter may have been following the saga of Mr. and Mrs. B., the bluebirds nesting in my bluebird box. I had been feeding them mealy worms twice daily in anticipation of the arrival of the 4 blue eggs that would hatch any day. Well it has taken me two weeks to be able to even write of it. But nature has taken a cruel turn. We lost the eggs to sparrows, they cracked them and threw them out.

After some pretty sad days here, I am happy to report that Mr. and Mrs. B have returned to my garden today! I am not so sure I want them to lay eggs, can I go through that again? But I have spent the day with the two of them following me around the garden begging for worms, then standing in a dry birdbath till I filled it!

I am often urge by folks that see how hard I work in my garden to hire help, but the truth of the matter is, I love being in the garden alone for moments like today. Those silly little birds almost followed me into the shop they are so comfortable.

I also sat on my knees and watched 3 robins learn to fly by hopping from the support netting on the flowers to the garden stakes. It is to funny to watch them run up and down the pathways and then realize they can cut across the bed.

Friday I was picking up the rocks holding a floating row cover down so I could remove the cover to another bed, when I stepped on the edge of the cover a strangest noise came from under it. It sounded like one of my Goldens squeaky toys. I quickly pulled back the cover just in time to see the biggest frog / toad I have ever seen hopping into the yarrow!

My garden is not only alive with flowers but with all kinds of other stuff that keep me entertained all day if I could just sit out there and watch. Yet another joy of being organic- you don’t have to worry about anybody eating anything that will hurt them.

I love being a flower farmer!

Lisa Z