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Essential for Birds in Freezing Times

by | Jan 17, 2009

As I look out my backdoor this morning it warms my heart to see that obliviously race isn't a factor with birds. The lone winter birdbath that is equipped with a "birdbath heater" is lined with birds of all walks of life. Cardinals, Lark Sparrows, Thrashers, Blackbirds, Chickadees and even the bully Mocking bird is a part of the pack. Bluebirds are even amongst the group.

Water is essential to birds and is in short order in freezing weather. You can easily provide some in your yard and garden. Bird bath heaters are available from your local bird store and are fairly inexpensive and last many years. I use a turned over trash can lid so I get the maximum amount of water and depth, placing it close to an outdoor plug and close to my bird area. I place several large rocks in the lid to make multi landing spots for the birds and really works well.

Winter bird watching is so rewarding because you are really providing for them at a vital time.

My garden and birds continue to nourish me even when it is 14 degrees outdoors. It is well with my soul…