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Finding Your Way in Flower Farming

by | Mar 16, 2021

Starting and being in business is overwhelming. Yep, it’s true, the overwhelm doesn’t just stop one day You have to decide to stop it and take control and make it happen. You are the only one that has that choice.
Add on top of starting and being in business, a flower farming business— and it comes clear how so many new growers never make it out of the gate.
I tend to categorize folks pursuing or already in the cut-flower growing business in one of two groups:
  • Those that indulge in endless dreaming, planning, and learning.
  • Those that pursue learning and then do the work
In this episode I’m sharing one of the keys to getting started and staying in business as a flower farmer. Consider it. 
Allow yourself the fair opportunity to learn how and join the ranks of a cut-flower grower. I highly recommend it!