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I have started my first seeds!

by | Mar 12, 2008

I am on schedule and have started over 1500 soil blocks this week with 1500 more waiting to be started as soon as they germinate and are moved from the heat mats to the grow lights. The growing circle season of life has finally begun!

Seed starting tip: most seeds germinate at different rates, for this reason I always put the same variety of seed on a single tray. This way they all germinate at the same rate and are ready to be moved to light at the same time. If you put a slow and fast germinater on the same tray, the fast started will be either stretching for light because you left the slow starters on the heat or the slow starters won’t germinate as well because you moved the fast starters to the light to prevent them from stretching. It’s just easier.

Had the back garden plowed and 24 yards of compost added and tilled in today! It will be ready for planting right on time. This garden has been out of commission since 2004 and I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the soil was when it was turned today.

Gave the fall planted flowers a foliar feed (spray the plants foliage with a hose end sprayer) with Earth Juice Organic Fertilizer today. Once these guys put on a little more top growth I will mulch and apply the support netting and wait for the flowers to start.