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Japanese Beetles Eating your Garden?

by | Jun 26, 2009

Don’t know
about you, but my garden has been covered with Japanese Beetles. We have a
simple remedy that is effective and free. 
If you are feeling a little cranky, it can be fun taking your
frustrations out at the same time.


My first chore
of the morning during beetle mania time is to grab a small bucket, fill it with
water and head to the garden. I literally handpick the beetles and just drop
them into the bucket. I also hold the bucket under flowers and bump them to
fall into the bucket. After I get a healthy number of them swimming in the
pool, off to the bathroom to flush all my troubles away! I know it sounds a bit
crazy, but hand-picking them makes a significant difference.


If you aren’t
up to the task, I am sure there are some kids that would be happy to help you
out for a penny or two per beetle. Give them a mason jar full of water and send
them to the garden. Beware; you could go bankrupt if you have as many as me!


I also plant a
“trap crop” for these guys normally; marigolds are Japanese beetles’ all-time
favorite. First thing in the morning you will find 5-10 beetles with their
heads buried in the middle of each flower digging for gold! That’s when I hold
the bucket under the flower and shake it so they all fall in. I am also known
to snatch them up and squish them between my fingers.


Every beetle
you eliminate is one less that is reproducing in your environment. Japanese
Beetles typically lay eggs in July, so every one you get is eliminating several
beetles of the future. Japanese beetle traps in my experience tend to attract
more beetles to your garden. So this is an encouraging word to handpick and



Lisa Z

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Note about beetle traps- they tend to attract more beetles to your yard, so it might be a good idea to give them to your neighbors as a gift!