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My Food Ignorance is no Longer Bliss

by | Feb 18, 2010

From the Feb 2010 Newsletter:

After catching a few minutes of Oprah a few weeks ago on the show about where your
food comes from, I was intrigued to investigate further. This led me to watched
two films about this topic: Food, Inc
which I watched through Netflix online and Fresh
which was hosted by our local Buy Fresh Buy Local chapter.


I will tell you that I have been changed by what I have learned. First, you must
know that both of these films show animals in conditions that are upsetting, but
it is the reality of industrialized food production system. Being the animal
lover that I am, the conditions the animals live in is only one part of a much
larger problem.


 I made the decision to use this platform to offer the available information on providing nutritious, healthy food for your
family. The thing that hit home with me from my journey is that each and every
one of us has a vote, and we exercise it three times every day, by what we eat.
By returning to the days of buying local, in season produce, meats, poultry, seafood, and
pork as our grandparents did, we can make a difference.

Links of interest:

My Food Goals:

I must say that I have been changed by
these films. Learning the grim realities of our industrialized food production
system has put me into action to change the way my family eats.

Because, it simply costs more to grow animals in their normal life cycle, instead of on warp speed ,eating fed that
they where never intended to eat, but grows them faster and bigger, it costs
more to produce them. So, I realize that it is going to cost more to follow my
instincts to provide healthy nutritious food for my family. Here are some of my
ideas on how to do it and be budget friendly also

  • First I realize all of this is not going to happen overnight. It will take time
    and patience to implement my ideas.


  • In the spirit of healthier eating I am planning two meatless meals a week. There
    are so many choices of recipes these days online, TV, and books that no
    one can really bellyache about this. Even my meat and potatoes guy goes
    along with this with no complaints.
  • I am in hot pursuit of grass fed meats and free-range chickens. Once you start
    looking into this it is surprising that their are several available in
    most areas. I believe as farmers have more of a demand the prices will
    come down. Buying sides of beef from the farmer is an economical way to
    save also.
  • We are growing way more vegetables in our own gardens. This not only produces the
    freshest, tastiest and most nutritional food, but it saves lots at the
    Market or grocery store.



  • We preserve much of our garden for later use with canning and freezing. Folks
    often ask how we have time to do this, the truth is, you make time. If it
    is important to you, do it. One or two days spent canning and freezing
    provides a whole year of fresh from your garden. Nothing compares to a
    freezer box of Silver Queen sweet corn in January or February. 
  • I tend to read cans, labels and tags a little closer to see just what its story



I hope this gives some food for thought- there is loads of info available for
those who want to eat local.


Lisa Z