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Planting cont…..

by | May 12, 2008

It is looking like I got my 10,000 plants in the ground just in time for 50 mile winds and 45 degree temperatures. We will see what is left after this strange May 12 occurrence. They will probably male out much better then me, looking out the window seeing them totally wind whipped and I imagine shivering. 

We are starting gobs more zinnias, basil and sunflowers for succession plantings and back-ups. The joy of gardening.

Spent the weekend at the Virginia State Arboretum as a vendor- very beautiful place- for the 19th annual Garden Fair. I have never seen such a plant selection in one place. Natives, shrubs, trees, annuals, baskets, perennials, veggies, herbs–you name it they had it! Lots of very nice garden related hard goods- finally a "garden show" that was full of real garden stuff! I would recommend it as a day trip to anyone. It is always on Mother’s Day weekend.

I met some really nice folks, business was not as strong as we had anticipated due to very threatening weather, but we will return I believe next year. This is the kind of sale we’d like to become apart of.

The State Arboretum is a great place to visit anytime and I hope to be doing a program for them sometime in the near future. You can learn more about them: Visit the Arboretum site

Happy Spring???


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