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Amaranth, Velvet Curtains


Amaranth, Velvet Curtains – 100 Seeds

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Amaranth ‘Velvet Curtains’, Amaranthus cruentus, 100 seeds avg.

Upright amaranth with crimson-purple plumes and deep purple-red foliage. A beautiful, textural bouquet filler. Excellent for fresh or dried use.

Planting Tips: 

  • A warm-season tender annual that prefers full sun.
  • Plant outdoors after danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed.
  • Start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before planting date or cast seeds directly in the garden.
  • Lightly cover seeds with soil.
  • Allow 2-10 days to germinate.
  • Space plants 6” apart in the garden.
  • Grows to 48-60” tall.
  • Pinch when 12" tall to establish a more robust, branching plant.
  • 65-75 days to bloom.

Harvesting Tips: 

  • Harvest when ½ to ¾ of the flowers on a plume are open.
  • Make the cut at the base of the stem. Hang to dry.


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