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Farmer-Florist School Online:

The Wedding Process

Online School with Jennie Love

Learn to build a thriving farmer-florist business using your flowers in high-profit weddings and events.

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Flower Farming School Online

Who Is This School For?

Aspiring & Seasoned:



Cut-Flower Farmers

Cut-Flower Farmers





Event Planners

Event Planners

Why Get Into Event Work?

Maximize Profits - Highest pricepoint per stem!

Maximize Profits: Highest Price Point Per Stem

Guaranteed Income - Contractual work

Guaranteed Income: Contractual Work

Fulfilling Career - Emotionally gratifying

Fulfilling Career: Emotionally Gratifying

Very Creative - Go beyond bouquets

Very Creative: Go Beyond Bouquets


Contracts & Pricing Formulas

Set Clear Expectations: Detailed Contract Templates

Finding Clients & Communicating Efficiently

Ensure Fair Compensation: Industry Pricing Formulas

Marketing: Google, Social Media, Shows, & More!

Boost Sales: In-Depth Event Marketing Trainings

Crop Planning & Sourcing

Maximize Yields: Crop Planning & Sourcing Tips

Hiring Staff vs Freelancers

Hiring Staff vs Freelancers

Learn to be Graceful Under Fire

Learn to be Graceful Under Fire


781 Students Enrolled

Your Instructor, Jennie Love

14+ years experience

Designed for over 800 weddings & events

Owner of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

Named one of the top wedding florists in the nation by Martha Stewart in 2015

Featured in the New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, The Knot, and the Philadelphia Inquirer

Meet Jennie

Owner and Creative Director of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers in Philadelphia, Jennie Love is a professionally-trained floriculturist and life-long farmer. Leaving behind an earlier career in corporate marketing, Jennie took up urban flower farming in 2008 and launched her bustling event design studio in 2009. A charismatic and passionate entrepreneur, Jennie found her natural niche crafting sustainable wedding designs using her own farm’s flowers. Arguably the foremost farmer-florist in the industry today, she has flowered more than 800 weddings and numerous other special events in the past decade.

Jennie has been featured in the New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, The Knot, and the Philadelphia Inquirer for her seed-to-centerpiece efforts. She was named one of the top wedding florists in the nation by Martha Stewart. In addition to weddings, her distinctively lush and textural floral designs have been used in numerous photo shoots, magazines, style blogs, and books. Jennie has hosted hundreds of workshops and master classes at her farm as well as traveling across the U.S. and Canada to teach. She served for nine years on the leadership board of the international Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, including three years as president. She is the host of the popular flower farming podcast, No-Till Flowers. In 2022, she launched the Regenerative Flower Farmers Network that has over 1,000 members worldwide today.

On a petite, but highly productive, five-acre farm in Philadelphia, Jennie runs a profitable floral business that fully supports herself and four+ employees each season. She has built her farm from the ground up, one hundred percent on her own initiative, over the past 15 years, using weddings and workshops as the main revenue source. In her courses, you’ll learn how she did it.

What Past Students Are Saying

Follow Our Simple Step-by-Step Process

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Study from anywhere, at any time, on any device for life. Purchase this school today & get full access to all the content immediately at your fingertips!

Jennie’s comprehensive curriculum is designed with OVER 17 HOURS of presentations and how-to videos spread out over 6 bite-sized modules. PLUS, 1,022 easily accessible & searchable past Frequently Asked Questions with Jennie.

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School Content

Video Sessions

Hours of Video

Printable Handouts

Class 1 - Are Weddings/Events Right for You…and Which Ones?

Session 1 – Big Picture Thoughts: The Pros of Wedding Work
Session 2 – Big Picture Thoughts: The Cons of Wedding Work
Session 3 – Personality Traits of a Successful Farmer-Florist
Session 4 – Know Your WHY from the Start
Session 5 – Many Approaches to Weddings
Session 5a – DIY/Bulk Bucket Sales
Session 5b – A La Carte or Menu Style Design Services
Session 5c – Full Service Event Design
Session 6 – Why You Need a Team from the Start!
Session 7 – Working with Freelancers
Session 8 – How to Become the Cream in a Saturated Market
Recorded Live Q&A Sessions – 2022, 2021, November 2020, March 2020

Class 2 - Growing and Sourcing Flowers for Weddings and Events

Session 1 – Starting from Scratch: Why You Don’t Have to Grow It All
Session 2 – Top Ten Foundational Flowers to Grow Yourself for Weddings
Session 3 – Top Ten Foliages to Grow Yourself for Weddings
Session 4 – Grow to Set Yourself Apart
Session 5 – (Generally) What Not to Grow Yourself and Where to Source
Session 6 – Crop Planning for Event Design
Session 7 – Tulips and Peonies
Session 8 – “More of Less” – The Key to a Farmer-Florist’s Sanity
Recorded Live Q&A Sessions – 2022, 2021, November 2020, March 2020

Class 3 - Finding Clients

Session 1 – Who Is YOUR Client?
Session 2 – Establish YOUR Style
Session 3 – Online Marketing Platforms – Instagram
Session 4 – Online Marketing Platforms – Pinterest
Session 5 – Online Marketing Platforms – Facebook
Session 6 – Online Marketing Platforms – Google
Session 7 – Online Marketing Platforms – Blogging
Session 8 – Wedding Wire / The Knot / Etc.
Session 9 – #IRL – Vendor Networking
Session 10 – #IRL – Photo Shoots
Session 11 – #IRL – Wedding Shows
Session 12 – #IRL – Farmers Markets / Pop Ups
Session 13 – #IRL – Happy Clients
Recorded Live Q&A Sessions – 2022, 2021, November 2020, March 2020

Class 4 - Communicating with Clients

Session 1 – Setting Boundaries from the Start
Session 2 – Tips for Streamlining Emails
Session 3 – The Client Questionnaire
Session 4 – How to Say “No”
Session 5 – How to Host a Successful Consultation Meeting
Session 6 – Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words
Session 7 – They Booked! Now What?
Session 8 – Final Design Meetings
Session 9 – Day of the Wedding and Beyond
Recorded Live Q&A Sessions – 2022, 2021, December 2020, March 2020

Class 5 - Crafting a Complete Proposal Package

Session 1 – What’s in a Proposal Package?
Session 2 – Proposal Descriptions
Session 3 – Time-Saving Tips for Creating Proposals
Session 4 – Mood Boards
Session 5 – Contracts Overview
Session 5a – The Exclusivity Clause
Session 5b – The Responsibilities Clause
Session 5c – The Communications Clause
Session 5d – The Cancellation Clause
Session 5e – The Payments Clause
Session 6 – Sending the Proposal Package
Session 7 – Revisions and Follow-Up to the Proposal Package
Session 8 – Other Client Documents
Recorded Live Q&A Sessions – 2022, 2021, December 2020, April 2020

Class 6 - Pricing for Profitable Wedding Work

Session 1 – Big Picture Pricing Strategies
Session 2 – The “Recipe”
Session 3 – A Proven Pricing Formula
Session 4 – The X Factor
Session 5 – The Farmer-Florist Pricing Advantage
Session 6 – Respecting the Industry Standards
Session 7 – Defending Your Pricing
Recorded Live Q&A Sessions – 2022, 2021, December 2020, April 2020

Course Wrap-Up

Video: Wrap-Up
Recorded Live Q&A Sessions – 2022, 2021, December 2020, April 2020

Bonus Class - Navigating COVID-19 as an Event Florist: Critical Lessons Learned

Hard Lesson Learned from COVID-19:

Lesson 1 – The Mark-Up Model Must GO!
Lesson 2 – Clean Up the Contract!
Lesson 3 – Designer’s Choice is the Only Choice!

Risk Free!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Full refunds with no questions asked are given upon email request within 7 days of purchase. Once a refund has been issued you lose all access to the course.

100% Money Back Guarantee

PLUS, get these bonuses

BONUS 1: Exclusive 394+ Member Facebook Community

Connect with like-minded individuals & receive feedback and support from your peers. Become part of a community of farmer-florist students who share the same interests.
Exclusive 150+ Member Facebook Community

BONUS 2: Webinar Replay

We’re dedicated to helping you become an event pro. That’s why we’ve added this bonus video replay with the tips and tricks you need to succeed with dahlias.

Growing Dahlia for weddings

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this school include floral design training?

No, this school does not provide training on floral design, as this school’s primary goal is to train current or aspiring flower farmers how to build a profitable wedding/event farmer-florist business.

Why would I buy an online course when there is so much free information on the internet?

It’s true there is a TON of free information floating around out there. But is it reliably correct information? Does it fit your situation, your goals, your experience level? How much time do you have to sort through info from various sources and decide what fits your needs? Purchasing an online course from someone with decades of experience gives you instant access to an organized, detailed, reliably accurate set of lessons to save you time and energy, so you can focus on learning rather than researching.

What is the difference between School courses and Mini-Workshops?

Mini-Workshops vary from sixty minutes to over four hours of instruction, see individual courses for details. Each of these courses offers lots of valuable information on a specific topic that you can digest in a short amount of time and put into action right away.

School course content is much more comprehensive and covers broad topics. School courses are meant to serve as a long-term reference tool that you will use all throughout the course of your flower farming journey. Each course includes 6 modules, which each contain multiple video training sessions, instructor worksheets, and handouts, and an FAQ archive. All of the course sessions (including the FAQs) are searchable by keyword, so you can always find and go directly to the information that you need at any given time.

Do I have unlimited access?

Yes, you have lifetime unlimited access to your purchased courses. 

Do I have to watch at a certain time?

You can watch the courses anytime at your convenience. Purchased On-Demand Courses will appear in your library immediately and will always be there for viewing. 

Do you offer course discounts?

Yes, once you are part of our course family (owning any online school or workshop) you will be eligible for $50 off additional school courses.

I live outside of the USA, may I purchase a course?

Yes, our online courses are available internationally.

This sounds great, but can it be done in MY region/growing conditions?

YES! We strive to make the lessons in these courses universally applicable across all regions and growing conditions (as proven by our students who range from Alaska to the Tropics!). Rather than just telling you what to do, our courses will teach you how to assess your environment and make decisions based on your specific conditions.  

Free Sneak Peek

Free Sneak Peek

Signup for a FREE sneak peek of one of Jennie’s video sessions,The Pros of Wedding Work.
Plus, access to her course handout Flower Care Tips.

What Past Students Are Saying

20 reviews for Farmer-Florist School Online: The Wedding Process

  1. Rebecca

    Wow – weddings and events are a big opportunity for flower farmers! This course is a thorough guide to what it takes to be a successful and profitable farmer florist. Jennie is both inspiring and realistic about best practices and valuing your time and your ability to create a beautiful product, all the while maintaining a high standard for customer care and compassion. Like Lisa and Dave in other courses, Jennie is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and encouraging comaraderie amongst everyone involved in the wedding/event, as well as flower-farmer florists.

  2. Jonalyn Carver (store manager)

    Having lifetime access to your courses is absolutely a life saver! All winter and spring I have been referring back to your cool flowers book and video and Dave’s class is still being referred to multiple times a week as I figure out something in the field, prepare to plant something new and plan for this fall. Last night I sat down and reviewed portions of Jennie’s class as I was preparing for a consult today. I love that everything is so clearly labeled and easy to find and you can just pop back and find just what you need!

  3. Mary Turner

    For years, I have been trying to get to Jennie’s farm for a workshop and now she has come into my living room! Great course, lots of information – really tons of detailed information that is useful to our farmer-florist wedding business. Thanks everyone for such a fabulous course!!

  4. Terry Turner

    Jennie’s class was fantastic, she goes over so many things that I had never thought of and offers so much detail into how she runs her business. I definitely will be changing and adding to how I run the wedding side of my business. Thanks so much to Jennie and the Gardeners Workshop Farm for all of the hard work put into the class.

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