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Book, Vegetables Love Flowers

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Vegetables Love Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler

Award winning book! Vegetables Love Flowers has been awarded the Silver Medal Award from the Garden Communicators International.  Such an honored bestowed by Lisa’s peers.

Lisa tells all as she shares why flowers are the missing link in many gardens, that they complete the chain to be able to grow an organic garden. It is simple really, flowers attract pollinators, beneficial insects and other good creatures to the garden that provide nature’s most powerful pest control, pollination, and more!

There is no better way to bring flowers into the vegetable patch then with a cutting garden. A perfect match– harvesting fresh cut flowers each week alongside the vegetables keeps fresh blooms coming all season long. This constant presence of flowers in the garden keeps all these good guys right where we need them-- in the garden.

Award-winning photographer Bob Schamerhorn brings Lisa's words to life on the pages of Vegetables Love Flowers with his photos. From the beautiful garden photos to the easy to follow how-to tutorials. This is a practical application and a beautiful book that the beginner and seasoned gardener will enjoy.

Vegetables Love Flowers tells why to grow flowers, how-to grow and keep a cutting garden, what flowers to grow, and how to do it all pesticide free!

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Cut-Flower Garden Seed Collection

Vegetables Love Flowers Book & 6 Packs of Seeds

34 reviews for Book, Vegetables Love Flowers

  1. Jean

    Until I read this book, I didn’t actually ‘get’ cool flowers. Now, I’ve ‘clicked’ and wouldn’t be without them. Lisa, you have given us a real gem.

    • Lisa

      Thank you!!!

  2. Ashton Ballard (verified owner)

    This book has so much information! The step by step specifics are amazing! Lisa has a way with words. Easy to read, feels like you are getting advice from a friend!

  3. Paula Buhrmann (verified owner)

    I stumbled upon Lisa and her website during COVID 19 quarantine. I was immediately drawn in by her videos, her openness, wonderful way of teaching and that voice that I could listen to for hours. I ordered some seeds, soil blocking and immediately got to planting a 3×16 cut flower bed. Not sure why I didn’t order this book to start the journey but it doesn’t really matter because it is a wealth of information. Any gardener should have this in their library. Beautiful photos, clear concise information, bed layouts and it comes with a video study guide. Before this book arrived my garden was being devoured by pests. After reading it in an afternoon, I added some bird feeders to my yard and planted some more pollinators in my vegetable garden and my pest problem is almost eliminated. I will be referring back to this resource again and again.

  4. Denise Pugh

    This book was a combination love story, horticultural adventure and how to. I love the homestead, the love story and gardens set in the middle of a metropolis. Thank you, Lisa. I, too, enjoyed the week by week review of each chapter and preview of the making of the book. Great read!

    • Lisa

      Thank you Denise for such kind words!

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