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Right on schedule and Blue Birds!

by | Mar 18, 2008

There is a first for everything and this year it is my seed starting schedule. I am actually right on target and have even been a little ahead of the game. I have 3000 soil blocks started and will do about 1500 more this week.

I am taking a cue from nature this year and started a few sunflowers a little earlier than usually to set out–because while hand weeding some beds last week I came across many reseeded sunflowers. So if they see fit to plant themselves now, I’ll try planting a few to see how they do. I do know that in the past sunflowers have been more cold tolerant than other summer annuals, so maybe I’ll have sunflowers for Mother’s Day or maybe not. I started indoors, will set out at 2-3 weeks old, cover with floating row cover and will keep covered longer than usually for maximum heat-up.

The really driving force behind being on schedule is that we are being visited by Country Garden Magazine this summer for an article. We are so excited, scared, happy, about to pop and just can’t wait to get started in the garden! The news is obviously out, because we even have had a pair of eastern bluebirds move in for the first time ever!  My friend and neighbor Nan, who works at our neighborhood Wildwings Bird store told me about mealy worms to feed my bluebirds to encourage them to hang around and it worked! Every morning and evening the bluebirds are waiting in the garden for their worms.

Garden because it will put a smile on your face!

Lisa Z