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Snapdragons Galore!

by | May 4, 2012


To say we are knee deep in snapdragons this year is a bit of an understatement. It is the week before Mother’ Day and we are harvesting thousands of snaps in every color imaginable. We are growing 3 new varieties this year plus our standard Rocket.

Snapdragons thrive when transplants are planted in the fall. This practice works anywhere you can winter over pansies meaning you plant them in the fall, they survive the winter and start blooming the following spring. These hardy annuals (pansies, snaps, and countless others) spend the winter months getting rooted in and come spring they are ready to bloom.

Snaps are not needy, give them full sun ( at least 6-8 hours), good drainage, and soil that is well prepared with compost and you will have beautiful snaps.

The new varieties this year:

Chantilly Snapdragon: This is the earliest blooming for us. We began cutting these early March! This mix includes the most scrumptious peaches, yellows and pinks I have every seen. The blooms are open faced, they look like petunia blooms on a stick, gorgeous!

Opus Snapdragon: This mix began blooming about two later than Chantilly. A few of the colors are the same as the Rockets we have always grown but them start blooming weeks before Rocket. The mix includes a few multicolored stems like white with purple, white with pink and a yellow with orange blushes. Love this one because of its timing.

Madame Butterfly Snapdragon: This snap definitely stole the spring show! If you can imagine a snapdragon bloom with a ruffled second bloom inside of it that’s Madame Butterfly. The colors are beautiful and the blooms look like little roses lining the stems!

All of the new snapdragon seeds are in packaging now and will be available on the garden shop in the coming weeks. Visit this link for other fall planted flowers.