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Tulips as Cut Flowers

by | Oct 4, 2009

We also grow
tulips for spring cut flowers in large containers (bulb crates) left outside
all winter with little to no care. Growing tulips as cut flowers is easy.  You will be surprised how beautiful homegrown
tulips are and how long they last after harvesting. We are offering the tulip
varieties that are not only gorgeous in containers in the garden but are also
grown by flower farmers as cut flowers. The French Tulips have long stems and
big beautiful blooms. The Parrot Tulips are unique and come in colors not
commonly available. To shop our tulips
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Growing Tulips
as Cut Flowers:

containers are the secret. This gives soil mass for moisture retention and
winter protection. We use the large crates that bulbs are shipped to us in.
Here in zone 7, southeastern Virginia,
the smallest container size to use is 9” deep and 16” wide.  Anything larger is even better.

a good quality potting soil, line the bottom of the container with 3” of soil.

the tulips on the soil point up and as close as eggs in a carton. They should
not be touching, but almost. Remember that in most areas of the country south
of the Mason-Dixon Line, tulips are not
reliable to return for a second season.

the container the rest of the way up to 1-2” from the top of the container.
There is no need for fertilizer; the bulbs already have what they need to

in well and place in full to part sun. We pretty much only water during dry

spring when they are showing growth, begin watering weekly to keep the soil
moist, allowing to dry out between watering.

tulips before they open! Once the bloom begins to color up, we harvest.

by pulling the entire stem and bulb straight up and out of the container.

your harvesting cut just above the bulb. Toss the bulb and drop your stems into
“Bulb” Fresh Flower food water. Yes, this floral preservative does make a big
difference.  It not only has the standard
flower food ingredients to keep the water clean, it has an additional hormone
that helps prevent yellowing foliage and increases vase life.

harvesting option is to pull the stem and bulb and leave the bulb attached.
Rinse all the soil from the bulb and stem and place in a vase with Bulb Fresh Flower
Food. This display with the bulbs still attached is unique and only an option
when you grow your own!

sure to keep your stems straight while harvesting. If the stems slide down and
become bent, there is no straightening them.

do what is known as “walking” in the vase. This is normal behavior for them and
is part of their beauty. They continue to grow in the vase and the stems will
move around.


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