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Warehouse Moving!

by | Jun 11, 2018

I sometimes sit and wonder, how in the world did reading a book (The Flower Farmer) a little over 20 years ago lead me to where I am today? My flower farming idea has grown into a multifaceted business that I enjoy.

Today as a flower farmer, author, speaker and online retailer I am totally smitten that dreams can come true with work and determination. I love what I do and that I’m able do it with my family.

One part of this business is our catalog and online garden shop. We offer the same tools, seeds, and supplies that I use here on the farm. In addition to the online store, Suzanne and I have traveled all over the country for the past 13 years giving lectures and taking along our products to do pop-up shops. We have developed a nice group of customers and  appreciate you all so much.

As the business has grown we have had to face some growing pains along the way, all good. The current pain is we cannot continue to house, maintain, or grow the online garden shop warehouse here on the farm. So, instead of closing our online garden shop –we are moving our warehouse!

How will this affect our customers? You wouldn’t even notice unless you happen to read the return address on your order from us. This warehouse move up north will happen this summer and should go without a hitch on filling online orders. Our only regret with this move is that it will eliminate our ability to offer free order pickup for our local customers and to do pop-up shops. Our stock will no longer be housed here on the farm, but my books will still be here.

We are very excited to take this next step and to work with business associates that we know will do a top notch job for us and you. This will allow us to focus on creating more gardening and flower farming videos and so much more!

Moving isn’t the only thing going on here on the farm, our Online Courses are here!

Till we meet again—

Lisa Z.

Founder of The Gardener’s Workshop and Flower Farming School Online . Author of Vegetables Love Flowers, Cool Flowers, and The Easy Cut-Flower Garden  . Connect with Lisa on Facebook  and Instagram !