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What to do with your Paperwhites and Amaryllis

by | Jan 31, 2008


Since many of you are asking what you can do to save your indoor winter blooming bulbs for next year, I thought I’d post some suggestions.

Paperwhite Bulbs- For those that live south of the Mason-Dixon Line:  you have a good chance of planting your bulbs outdoors for blooms next year, here’s how: when the show is over, keep indoors until spring, watering as needed, allowing the foliage to die back–do not cut off, it is making the flowers for next year. Plant outdoors when soil is workable, plant the bulb 3 times its width deep. Here in southeastern Virginia they bloom in the coming years outdoors in the garden in November.

Amaryllis Bulbs-  After flowering, cut off the faded flowers and let leaves continue to grow and develop. To encourage this provide regular water. In May place your pot in a sheltered shady spot in your garden. In September, refrain from watering. In October, remove pot and all from garden, trim foliage and place in a dry cool but frost free location. In January, remove old roots and repot in fresh soil. You will enjoy flowers again indoors come late winter.