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Where do those flowers come from?

by | Sep 17, 2019

Who grew the flowers in that arrangement your daughter sent to you on Mother’s Day or that bouquet you picked up at the supermarket? Most of us don’t give it a thought.

If you’d like to learn where most flowers come from and how local farmers like myself are staging a comeback please read on and then watch….

Arrangement from the film Local Flowers, Local Farmers. Produced by the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

I’d like to invite you to watch the documentary: Local Flowers, Local Farmers: A Growing Movement. In just 16 minutes you will learn that over 80% of the 7 billion dollars a year of flowers sold annually in this country are imported from distant lands. Want to be a part of changing that and bringing more of this business home? 

I encourage to watch and share this interesting short film with all your family and friends. 

As consumers, we vote with our dollars. Where we spend our money and what we purchase speaks loud and clear to businesses. Be a part of keeping your dollars in your community, preserving green space, rebuilding local industry, and so much more by buying local and spreading the word.

And always ask yourself, where did those cut-flowers come from?

Find your local flower farmer at,

Lisa Z

Lisa Mason Ziegler is the founder of  The Gardener’s Workshop and Flower Farming School Online and the award-winning author of Vegetables Love Flowers, Cool Flowers, and The Easy Cut-Flower Garden  Connect with Lisa on Facebook  and Instagram!