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10 Easy Steps to Soil Blocking

by | Mar 21, 2019

Birthing baby plants. Small blocks with seeds just cracking open.

Are you wondering about how to start seeds? This tutorial will walk you through the steps and if you want more instruction check out my Seed Starting Made Easy online course.

10 Easy Steps to Soil Blocking
1. It’s all in the soil. Use our special soil blocking recipe to make your own.
2. Add water according to instructions. Mix will be very wet.
3. Use any flat container with no drainage holes and shallow sides like meat trays.
4. Press blocker into the soil 2 to 3 times to fill the chamber.
5. A gentle squeeze and a little jiggle will eject the blocks.
6. Use a toothpick, a metal seed pan, and saliva to easily place one seed on each block. If the seed needs to be covered, just press it into the block with the toothpick.
7. Place trays on a seedling heat mat.
8. Water blocks daily with a gentle stream of water in the side of the tray. Let them sit in water for a few minutes and then pour any leftover water off.
9. Move from heat to grow light when half of the blocks crack through the soil. Set timer to 16 hours a day. Adjust the light a few inches above the seedlings and move it as they grow.

10. Plant the soil blocks in the garden when they are 3-5″ tall. Be sure to harden them off first or use a floating row cover to protect them until they become accustom to the outdoor environment, 7-10 days.

Lisa Mason Ziegler