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#119: What is a Collective, Anyway? Interview with Amelia Ihlo

by | Apr 4, 2022

In this episode, I am exploring the question: “What is a floral Collective, and how is it different from a Co-op?” I discussed this and so much more with Amelia Ihlo of Rooted Farmers. Amelia lays out the ins and outs of this flower selling model that I believe is a key piece of the future locally-grown cut-flower industry.

Amelia has plenty of boots-on-the-ground experience with this business model as a flower farmer herself. She was part of starting a collective several years ago to better serve her customers and to work with other growers in the Boston area.  She went on to start, an online marketplace connecting flower buyers with flower sellers. Rooted Farmers now works with collectives nationwide.

Today we introduce the launch of Amelia’s on-demand workshop published by The Gardener’s Workshop, called Collectives 101: A Guide for Joining & Selling through Regional Wholesale Hubs. Read more about Amelia and her new on-demand online workshop here.

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