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#75: Why I Plant Annuals

by | Dec 11, 2021


I am often asked: why do I grow so many annuals in place of growing more perennials? This episode explains.

The bottom line for me is I get more bloom bang for my square footage, I never run out of space, I am able to always try new finds, and I get to feed my love of tending a garden.

It seems to me that I was missing out on the “gardening” part of gardening when I first started decades ago. I was busy filling up all available space with perennials and other permanent plantings to soon be dismayed that I had run out of space. There was nowhere left to plant the seeds I wanted to start, plant, and tend.

I hope this gives you a new understanding of the world of annuals and how embracing the succession planting’s of both families: cool-season hardy annuals and warm-season tender annuals can change your gardening life.

My book Vegetables Love Flowers is about a 3-season cutting garden and how flowers benefit the vegetable patch. It offers my method of succession planting, my go-to annuals, setting up and maintaining a cutting garden all-naturally, and even harvesting tips. It includes diagrams in the back of the book of how succession plantings in a garden can happen.

To learn more about cool-season hardy annual flowers, my book Cool Flowers shares the rekindled concept of days gone by with this amazing family of flowers like Bells of Ireland, Sweet Peas, Snapdragons, and many others.

My on-demand online course Seed Starting Made Easy can help you master starting seeds indoors with soil blocking and how to start seeds out in the garden— PLUS how to know which way you should start them!


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