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Flower Possible

by | Nov 2, 2020

What sets entrepreneurs apart from non-entrepreneurs?

The willingness to grant yourself the permission to not just dream— but to go after the dream without knowing exactly how to make it happen.

Just do it. (Better words never spoken.)

Perfect followup:

Just jump and the safety net will appear. (That’s if you even need one…)

Going after our dreams are what small businesses and communities are built on. For me, the more I continue to learn from others in business the more my wheels turn and those dreams, aka ideas, just keep on coming.

This process is what led me down the path of producing flower-based online business courses. Once I created and produced my own course, I saw the need for another course. Then another  and another…

Seeing my students learning new ways and exploring ideas to push their business dreams to reality—-allows me to also see how hungry they are, just like me.  I’m hungry to empower them to succeed. Feeding that hunger is what makes us entrepreneurs.

The more we jump, the more possibilities come clear.

My driving force? To not just make it possible for flower lovers at all levels to grow and enjoy flowers BUT to build businesses based on flowers. That’s my dream, it’s really that simple.

I see endless possibilities in flower-related businesses. The whole “local movement” in the flower and food industries is based on “the way it used to be” right? Getting back to sustainability, community, and quality of life to pursue our dreams and embracing the possibilities that opens doors.

The real life stories of our two latest online course instructor’s businesses are great examples of jumping. Both of these amazing businesses are examples of folks allowing themselves to be vulnerable and jumping to chase their flower-business dreams.

I invite you to meet and be inspired by these incredible entrepreneur’s businesses.

Gretel and Steve Adams of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm have gone from a small cut-flower farm to an operation that grows in 17 house structures plus field production, leads a sizable crew, and produces almost year-round.


Ellen Frost of Local Color Flowers has crafted a business model based on the way flower shops worked 70 years ago but on today’s terms. Her year-round design studio located in Baltimore, Maryland only uses flowers grown within 100 miles of her business.

I hope their stories and my words have inspired you and your dreams. And maybe, just maybe, pushed you a little closer to the edge of jumping.

Let’s do this thing together!

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