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June, the Month that Makes or Breaks Your Summer!

by | Jun 22, 2016


What happens or doesn’t happen in the month of June sets the path of your garden for the entire season. You have a whole month to make the coming season a pleasure or a pain in the neck.  The choice is yours!

Plant on and forever enjoy! It is not too late to start seeds indoors or to plant them straight in the garden for summer blooms and vegetables.  This includes zinnias, cockscomb, sunflowers, tomatoes, basil, squash, and oh, so many more.

20160619_071056Right now we are starting thousands more seeds for our own garden. We call this the 2nd planting around here, and it is the step that gives us those big beautiful flowers and vegetables from mid-summer into fall. There is still time to fill your garden with easy-to-grow flowers and vegetables from seed or plants.  You will reap the bounty all summer and fall.

The most significant lesson our garden has taught us is a very simple one: mulch!      Every inch of soil that is exposed to light will be a weedy mess all summer long, unless you take care of it now. Any bare soil you see must be covered up.  Every year without fail there is one area of the garden that I just can’t bear to go near, much less harvest from. It’s because those beds never got mulched properly.  The native plants are thriving, but of course to us, they’re weeds. This usually happens because we simply ran out of girl power to get the job done.

June is the month to plant and mulch for a dreamy summer.

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