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Carrot, Yellowstone

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Carrot, Yellowstone – 500 Seeds

Carrot ‘Yellowstone’, Daucus carota var. sativus, 500 seeds avg.

Deep yellow carrots with 6-8” long roots. Beautiful and delicious. Open-pollinated.

Planting Tips: 

  • A cool-season crop that prefers full sun.
  • Sowing seeds directly in the garden is recommended.
  • Ensure that soil is well-drained, fertile, and loose for the smoothest and straightest roots.
  • Sow ¾-1” apart in rows 16-24” apart.
  • Sow seeds ¼-½” deep and cover with soil.
  • Maintain surface moisture and allow 7-21 days to germinate.
  • Thin seedlings to ¾-2” apart, depending on the desired root size.
  • 73 days to maturity.

Harvesting Tips: 

  • Harvest carrots once they have reached the desired root size.
  • The optimum harvest period generally lasts around 3 weeks but may be longer in cooler weather.
  • Sow successions every 3 weeks for a steady supply.

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500 Seeds

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