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Larkspur, Fancy Smokey Eyes

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Larkspur, Fancy Smokey Eyes – 100 Seeds

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Larkspur, Fancy Smokey Eyes – 400 Seeds

In stock

Larkspur ‘Fancy Smokey Eyes’, Consolida ajacis, 100 or 400 seeds avg.

Beautiful, stately flower spikes featuring gray-tinged white blooms blushed with lavender. Hummingbirds, bees, and other pollinators are frequent visitors to this flower.

Planting Tips: 

  • A cool-season hardy annual that prefers full sun.
  • Sowing seeds directly in the garden is recommended.
  • Cover seeds with soil.
  • Allow 14-28 days to germinate.
  • Thin seedlings to 6-9’’ apart once 5’’ tall.
  • Grows to 36-48” tall.
  • 80-90 days to bloom.
  • Winter hardy to zone 6.

Harvesting Tips: 

  • Harvest all stems at ground level when the first flower on the bottom of the stem is open.
  • Leave a few flower heads on the plants in the garden to encourage reseeding.

WARNING: All plant parts, including seeds, are poisonous. Extreme care and caution must be exercised around children and pets. All liability concerning use of this product is assumed by the purchaser.

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100 Seeds, 400 Seeds

1 review for Larkspur, Fancy Smokey Eyes

  1. Leah H. (verified owner)

    usOhio, United States

    I only started part of the seeds and germination wasn’t 100%. I’m preparing beds to direct seed as I know this was the preferable way to start them. I have started other Larkspur indoors and had success with them. I will let you know how that goes. Love this color though so I hope the rest goes well!

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