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Sunflower, TGW ProCut Fall Medley Mix

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Sunflower, TGW ProCut Fall Medley Mix – 50 Seeds

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Sunflower, TGW ProCut Fall Medley Mix – 200 Seeds

In stock

Sunflower ‘TGW ProCut Fall Medley’, Helianthus - 50 or 200 seeds avg

The ProCut Series are some of the fastest-growing sunflowers.

Includes a mix of ProCut Bicolor, ProCut Red-Lemon BicolorProCut PlumProCut Orange, ProCut Red.  

  • 4-6” pollenless beautiful blooms.
  • Annual.
  • Full sun.
  • Easy to start from seed in the garden or start indoors to get an earlier start.
  • Plant out after last danger of frost.
  • Plant spacing determines sunflower head size: 6″ apart make nice bouquet size heads of 4″, for larger flower heads plant 12″ apart in the garden.
  • 55-60 days to bloom.
  • Expect 60” tall.
  • Harvest sunflowers when they are just beginning to open and the petals are unfolding. This prevents the pests from nibbling on the petals.
  • These are all one bloom harvests, make the cut to the desired length.
  • Control the size of the flower head by the spacing of the plants in the garden. 6″ x 6″ spacing produces a nice 4″ bloom. 9″ x 9″ spacing will produce a larger bloom. This is true with most sunflowers.

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