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The story behind the “Plant-It-Pink” Seed Collection

by | Oct 14, 2008

We are flower farmers. One of the ways our cut flowers are marketed is through a weekly subscription bouquet drop-off service.

A few years ago it turned out that I had 4 friends all going through cancer treatments at the same time and living in our drop-off service area. So I asked my sis, Suzanne, to make 4 extra bouquets for me to put on the porches of the girls to brighten their day and to let them know we are thinking of them.

I put a bucket with flowers and a note on each porch that said, “Leave this bucket filled with water on your porch each Monday and we will refill it with fresh blooms and love just for you.”

What a meaningful season that was! Suzanne and I were the ones to be blessed. The cards, phones calls, and porch hugs from these gals were overwhelming.

Since then, two of the four have passed away. At their funerals, their families could not stop talking about how much that small act of kindness meant to them and their loved ones and how much they enjoyed those flowers.

I learned there is something very special about giving a gift that you take the time to grow and care for yourself. The gift of flowers from your garden touches others in a place that is not often touched. One friend would call each week to thank me and say, “I can’t believe you grew these, I just sit and stare at them all day, and I think of you in the garden.”

Imagine my surprise when I was diagnosed with breast cancer that next year. I am fortunate; mine was very early and treated with little discomfort. During that time, while I was recuperating, the all-pink “Growing for the Cure” Seed Collection was born in my mind.

This seed collection is composed of all easy-to-grow seeds that produce a beautiful flower garden and fabulous cut flowers. This garden honors those that have had breast cancer.  Its purpose is to raise awareness and most of all to function as a cutting garden, sharing flowers with those who need a bright spot in their day. Anyone with a small sunny spot 3’ x 10’ can grow this lovely garden.


Sowing these seeds in spring will bring a bounty of pink blossoms to be harvested all summer and fall! Truly a labor of pure love, joy, and hope!


Thought you might like to know the story that got this garden growing-

Lisa Ziegler

Breast Cancer Survivor, 2006

To view the collection: click here.

Lisa Mason Ziegler
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