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#95: Seed Starting Steps

by | Jan 29, 2022

In this episode, I am doing a run-through of the things I consider and do when starting a specific seed. Hope it helps!

Is it a cool or warm-season annual seed? When should be planting cool or warm-season transplants? What is this seed’s preferred method to start? Based on 1-3 answers, when should I start the seed it? With soil blocking, remembering to shave off 1/3 of the time recommended to sprout and grow into a transplant as with conventional methods.

My process of seed starting to grow awesome quick transplants with soil blocks:

Place the trays of just sown soil blocks on a seedling heat mat. I aim for air temperature in the growing area to be: 65-70 degrees for cool-season annuals and 70-85 degrees for warm-season. Move from seedling heat mats to grow lights when 50% of seeds show signs of life. Provide 16 hours of intense bright light daily with grow lights. Water all soil blocks (on mats and under lights) each morning. Blocks should be dry or close to it each morning. If still moist in the morning adjust your air temperature to warmer. Once a week I include in my watering can for morning watering chores: Monday–Seaweed Fish fertilizer according to directions (grow light only trays), Wednesday–Gnatrol according to directions for fungus gnat control (all trays lights and mats).

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