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Virginia Beach Garden Club Program

by | Feb 18, 2012

Wednesday Feb. 15, 2012 I went to Virginia Beach, Virginia to give the program “Roots of a Great Garden.”

What a pleasure to see so many friends and so much excitement following the program. Whenever I talk about the simple facts of organic gardening I can literally see the lights go on in the faces of the crowd. And these ladies got the message for sure.

I feel like I am sowing the seeds to help restore and preserve our environment one lecture at a time. The profound news is that the groups I speak to are some of the most “in-the-know” gardeners, yet the message of real sustainable organic gardening has not made it to them.

Loved speaking to hometown friends, thank you! ( Considering I was in Delaware the day before speaking, VA Beach is hometown!)

I hope to return in the future to share easy ways to grow flowers, harvesting and conditioning and perhaps my story how it all got started.

Gardening is good for your heart and soul!

Lisa Z
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