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Farm blogger returns…

by | Apr 19, 2014

2014direct garde nApril 18a

Bobo and Carin weeding the fall direct seeded garden–it’s on the verge of bursting into bloom!

My absence from blogging these past few weeks isn’t because there hasn’t been action around this flower farm for sure. It was my new book “Cool Flowers” manuscript that I was totally committed too.  My deadline for the first go around was April 15. I feel as though I am free having that boulder roll off of my shoulders and onto my editor’s shoulders for now.

The only way I can think to explain how it feels to write a book is the same way your smart phone does when some app is running in the background eating up all its power and making your phone sluggish. Your phone can’t focus because it is busy all the time. Even during the times I was not literally writing, the book was always front and center on my mind. No matter the job at hand, I was always reminded of something for the book or even something to ax from the book. Exhausting.  It left little of me for everything else in life like running a farm and online garden shop with lecture jobs mixed in.

2014 April 18 BBBut, all is well now. The first bouquet of the season is on my kitchen table, Bachelor Buttons. Now, having to grow masses of flowers doesn’t seem like the huge job it did before the book manuscript was done.  Amazing how things change.

While the book is in the hands of the masters—St. Lynn’s Press— I wait. Back to farming and loving it!

Lisa Z

“Cool Flowers” will be out September 1, 2014. We are scheduling book events and programs now. Suzanne and I would love to come your way—contact us for more information.


Lisa Mason Ziegler is a commercial cut-flower farmer in Newport News, Virginia; she lectures and writes about organic and sustainable gardening. You can email Lisa at [email protected], call her at 757-877-7159 or visit her website .

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