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Introducing: The Flower Farmer Show

by | Jul 6, 2021

I am so pleased to share our latest project: The Flower Farmer Show.

Currently, it is a talk show that I host over on the Clubhouse social media app on Wednesdays at 1pm ET. But expect more coming down the pike friends!

The Clubhouse app is available to iPhone and Android users. It is a social media platform that works through your cell phone number. We can actually have a conversation on it–so great to hear each other’s voices!

You can’t just join, but have to have an invite. So, if you want to listen in, download the app and ask around on other social media platforms if anyone has invites to share– you’ll get one :).

At this time Clubhouse does not offer recordings for replays, listen live.

Request to join the closed Facebook Group: The Flower Farmer Show




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