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It seems like paradise here- Bluebirds and Goldfinches

by | May 15, 2010

Today is a day to celebrate. All transplants have been planted as of yesterday. Libby and Bobo have planted over 15,000 seedlings and it is an impressive site. This coming week we start back up starting seeds for our second plantings of more zinnias, basil and celosias.

The garden is a very busy place for all the wildlife. The Bluebirds are spending most of their days hunting for good eats in our garden and the Goldfinches are so beautiful clinging the stakes that hold up the netting. Most often there are Robins and Cardinals sitting atop the stakes watching for their next meal. The dragonflies have returned and patrol the garden for mosquitoes.

Be sure to have lots of water in and around your garden for the wildlife–this keeps then from punching holes in your tomatoes, they are thirsty. Have at all levels, trash can lids turn upside down for rabbits, squirrels and ground dweller birds.

The morning after an overnight rain is the best. I walked the garden this morning at 6am with the birds singing and the plants so happy that I think they all grew 2 inches overnight.

Now is the quiet before the craziness, although I am harvesting over 1000 snapdragons each week along with some other minor flowers–the real harvesting will start in a few weeks when the summer flowers start.

Life as we know it is about to change to washing buckets, cutting flowers, selling flowers and washing more buckets….

Off to do the French Cutting Garden Workshop this afternoon–

Happy gardening,

Lisa Z