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I am thankful for the spring blooming garden more this year than ever before

by | Apr 1, 2013

2012-02-29_17-35-53_592Although the calendar says it is April 1 I am having a bit of trouble believing it. It is still pretty cold at night dipping into the low 30′s and the days have not begun to warm. Coming off of the spring of 2012 with a warm and moist winter and spring –we had flowers popping everywhere by now. The rain has not stopped since January- just about every 5-7 days we get a deep watering which makes trying to work the gardens here impossible at best. I may be bald by May from pulling my hair out over this craziness.

But–the bonus of all this craziness; our spring blooming garden that was planted in the fall is going to be the best ever thanks to all this rain and cold. These hardy annuals love the cold weather and continue building even more strong roots while waiting for the sunshine and warmth of spring to arrive to start putting out gobs of blossoms. These cold-hardy annuals once well established in their preferred growing conditions will bloom right into the heat of summer because of this strong foundation they stand on. Our Bells of Ireland above are ready to spring into action at the first sign of sunshine!

One thing I learned years ago is that stem length and longevity of the flowers depends on the plant being kept well hydrated throughout its establishing time. More often that not fall and winter offer more water in the way of rain and snow than in summer when it is hot and dry.

These plants are so happy with this arrangement that they will reward you with the first blooms of spring that will continue to keep coming well into summer. I walk our gardens daily and while garden gazing at this spring bloomer garden on the verge- the work of preparing and planting it are all a distant memory from fall and again in very early spring.

So here is to looking forward to warmer days coming soon–but until then enjoy that spring garden sitting on the edge of bursting into bloom!

P.S. Coming tour this spring blooming garden on April 24 during Historic Garden Week in Virginia! For details visit our Events Calendar. Click here

Hurry Spring!!

Lisa Z