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Winter is Back

by | Feb 9, 2008

Old man winter is back. The warm weather was a needed break for us to get some much needed chores started around here. The beginning of the growing season is just around the corner and the begin of the Flower and Garden Show circuit that we do in spring starts Monday—yikes!!!

I was able to get some much needed weeding done- this warm weather is growing em big. I organized the storage shed, carports and work areas in preparations of the coming season. This also allowed me to check my supplies. These are the kind of jobs that are just easier to do when it is warmer outside

Suzanne and I head out Monday for the first annual Garden Club of Virginia Garden Symposium. The truck is packed to the gills and ready to go– On our return Thursday I head to Amy Hicks and George Ferguson’s organic farm in New Kent, VA to pick-up a delivery of organic fertilizers and soil (the company doesn’t delivery to my area) for us to package on Friday before we head to the next show that weekend! And with this we are off and running—-Maymont Flower and Garden Show is the following week and we have private lectures and fund-raiser benefits for garden clubs sprinkled throughout.

Also during this time we will be starting several thousand seedlings to be plant out beginning in mid to late April. So we are eating our Wheaties and keeping busy-

Are you getting ready?

Hope to meet you at a show soon- checkout our events calendar

Lisa Z