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The Cool-Season Flower Chronicles Podcast

by | Aug 16, 2021

Watch The Cool-Season Flower Chronicles and get the resources here.
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Week 1:

This week talking about the life of the cool-season hardy annual and so much more. Everyone can plant this group—it’s just that we may all plant at different times depending on where we are gardening.

Week 2:

This week learn when and what to plant based on your winter hardiness zone and first and last frost dates. KUDOS to all that did their homework!!!
Remember: The greatest Cool Flowers fail is to not plant them at ALL!!!!!
The Cool-Season Flower Chronicles videos and resources HERE.

Week 3:

This week learn how to provide the growing conditions that help Cool Flowers thrive in cold weather.
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Week 4:

Remember, it’s not about you when deciding how to start seeds.

Often I hear folks speaking of why they decided on which method of starting their seeds and honesty, their reasons had nothing to do with the best method for a particular seed!
Here’s the thing, once you realize that seed starting can be easy once you know what it needs and give it to them— success is eminent. It is really that simple.
The Cool-Season Flower Chronicles Week 4 is all about making the choice, do you plant the seeds in the garden or do you start indoors. I hope it sheds some light on you! Next week is the final night in the series. I hope you’ll join me for the grand finale!
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Week 5:

This week learn how cold-season hardy annuals don’t just survive cool-to-cold weather, but thrive in those conditions. Overcome the fear and frustration of planting this group of spring-blooming flowers.
Resist the urge to complicate when to plant this group of flowers. Do Week 1’s homework and bring it to Week 2 to learn what flowers to plant when!
Watch the videos and request the resources:  The Cool-Season Flower Chronicles series
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